Just $150 NZ for 1 year!
   This is great value at just $150 NZ per year, for national coverage this good you would normally pay thousands.  Have up to 5 pictures and as much text as it take to describe the fine home your trying to sell.  The Ahipara.co.nz and Kaitaia.com web sites have a high volume of national traffic as well as a large amount of overseas and Australian viewers.

Rent your home out over the Christmas period, for $100 you can have 4 pictures and a page of text advertising your home for rental, your advertisement will last until the end of February unless you wish it to last for a longer period by arrangement.

If you are looking to rent a property over the Christmas period simply contact me via the contact page and I'll add you to the listing.

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Top 10 Tips For Home Selling

Rip up the carpet and convert the flooring to wooden floors. Don't forget to check small areas around the outside of the carpet before you rip it up to ensure that the lovely old floorboards haven't been replaced with chip-board at any stage.

Complete any unfinished renovations. Unfinished jobs don't present the property at its best, and they give the impression that there is too much work to be done.

Fix any little blemishes in the exterior paintwork, especially around the entrance so the property doesn't look like it needs work or is hard to maintain.

Take out overgrown bushes and define outside areas with railway sleepers or something similar. De-clutter vegetation and use mulch or bark as a carpet around bushes or flowerbeds.

Create or update an outdoor living area. Paving stones on the ground and a canvas sail will go a long way to defining an outdoor living area.

Remove clutter and place furniture in such a way as to make the rooms appear like they have more space. Put things in cupboards rather than have them out in the open. Better still, take them away to keep in storage.

Paint to make the rooms appear airy and light, especially if the room does not get enough sunlight. Re paint anything looking tired repaint walls.

Fence the property in. Apart from making the property more desirable to families, a good fence helps to make sure the property has great street appeal, especially when a nice front garden and paths are added.

Replace worn carpets; shop around as you can sometimes get second-hand house-lots or autions for office carpet which is more durable for rental properties. Replace old or worn door and drawer handles with new (or secondhand) ones. Builders and demolition yards are good places to pick up things like this.

Replace old, worn or broken Venetian blinds . Purchase a cheap set of drapes - recently an investor did her whole lounge in new curtains, 2 different but complimentary shades, all out of the end of lines bin from the warehouse. It looked awesome having 2 colours of curtains and it was cheap.

The bread baking or ground coffee smell seems to be welcoming for buyers too!

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